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I've tried this with two people - one a friend, the other a friend and neighbor. They are both women of color, with mixed ethnic backgrounds. Neither would seriously answer the questions - both were willing to listen, but had nada to say about it. ??? I think this is important somehow, though. I think it is HARD for women in this area to BE of mixed ethnic background. It makes them feel constantly on guard, always waiting for someone to drop some little comment about how hard that must be, or that they have done WELL for themselves lol. And although those concepts didn't rear during our talk, it still seemed like it was cutting very close to the bone for them to feel comfortable. I will try with my neighbor/friend again.
Any ideas?

Oh - just info - neither of these mamas are MDC mamas, or even on line much at all. They both use email a lot, mostly for work and out of town family, but not much into the net for this kind of thing.
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