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OK well it looks like I am the first one to reply...LOL
I chose my mother to interview for this exercise. She has a very diverse outlook on this subject and took her time to think about her answer to me before she replied. It was very interesting to see some comminalities in our answers on race. It to me shows that we have a close relationship and I understand and listen to the views that my mother taught me while I was growing up and still today.
I do want to quote one line from her response because it really made me think,

It's interesting how people as a group pick on one subculture and it's usually the most recent immigrants. People quickly forget that their ancestors were most likely the ones being made fun of in recent years, maybe only as far back as one or two generations.
I believe that this is a very good view on racisim and my mother says this in reference to her childhood where she remembers moving from one part of the country(new england) to another(chicago). She explained that being from a french canadian background and hearing the jokes about the immigrants from there was interesting enough cause as kids they didnt realize that they were making fun of themselves, but were just acting by example from the adults. So then after moving to Chicago, where there is a diverse polish and italian culture, it was the same type of racial "jokes" but jsut a different culture.
So I think that having thought about my mothers response, Racisim really does transend through generations. There were people who were discriminated against because they were of a lower ecinomical class before there were immigrants to pick on. As well as people that were viewed as a threat. These people might have been the same race, but they were discriminated against because they didnt fit the "social norm" of their community and time. So I believe that in the past racisim has alway been there just in different forms.
I think after talking with my mother about this I have come to realize that historicaly we have always had some form of racisim, and most likely will have it for some time, but this country has come a long way from slavery to maybe someday in the future having a person of color, or a woman become the leader of the country. That to me is an evolutionary inprovment, but in my eyes I believe that just working with one person at a time to help open their eyes about how damaging racisim can be, then we can slowly open their eyes to new more friendly possibilities.
That is all I can think of for now as to contimplating my mothers response.
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