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All in the Family?!
Thanks for this challenging exercise! I wasn't expecting it and I'm really glad we did it.

I decided to ask my sister. We'd never spoken about it much though she looks very different from me. All in all, she didn't feel it was much worth discussing or that she had anything worthwhile to say. Not that she didn't feel her voice was important, but more that because she wasn't interested, she didn't have anything to say at all besides, "Oh, that's nice."

We are so different it's incredible.

"Did anything surprise you?"

I was surprised that she didn't really feel part of any community, racial or otherwise. I mean she said that explicitly, and was kind of taken aback by the questions on group and community.

"What did you learn about the person that you are interviewing that you never suspected?"

She views herself as mainly white with a little brown thrown in. I guess this is because her features are much more European-looking. But I definitely don't see myself as white. And we are sisters! I thought she'd view herself as more of a mix. Though, she does check "other" when giving a race. I think it's because she feels she doesn't fully qualify as white. Whereas, I abhor the question, hate the answers I have to choose from, but don't want the secretary to check one for me when I scribble my anti-categorization message across the bubbles.

"What did the interview help clarify for you about your own upbringing?"

It clarified to me that a lot of what I view in myself is not a result of what my mother taught us, but was gained through experience, and experience I forged myself. Interestingly, my sister also felt that she'd been able to forge her own identity. We owe this to my mother.

"What differences or similarities did you find between both of your encounters with race?"

We both have lived mainly among mostly white people. I think because of this we don't have strong feelings about belonging to a certain ethnic or racial group.

I think what I find interesting is not just that our views of race and politics are different, but that we have effectively made ourselves different races. I'm sure this is possible with a lot of children of mixed descent and I'm interested to hear whether this is the case with any of the other women on here.
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