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Unofortunately I no longer speak to my family members, other than my mother. We discuss race and racial issues frequently. We share what we remember about our upbringing. She did not raise me, instead I was raised by my father and stepmother.

Because these are the people that were most influencial in molding my idea of race and racism, I'll comment on what I know them to believe, and what I know they would not admit to anyone. The person I want to focus on is my father, because he was the most obvious in his feelings toward people of different races.

My father never said "******" as far as I can recall. he did however have strong feelings about African Americans. From what I remember these feelings developed because my mother, after their divorce, started dating, and a few of the men she dated were African American. he called my mother various names and forbid me and my sister to ever date a person of color. He wasn't outwardly aggressive toward African American people, but there was always un underlying kowledge that he resented African American men. I know that while in the Navy he did have a fight with a group of African American men, the reason I don't know. His nose was broken I do remember that.

My father was in World War II. He had direct contact with the Japanese and yes he most definitely had issue with the Japanese, if not with the race then definitely with the men he fought against. My father was taken as a POW and tortured. He was a machinist mate, he didn't have knowledge anyone may have been looking for. I know this experience scarred him.

And since my first interview was from a conversation with someone deceased I thought I would add the conversation with my husband.

he is Lumbee Indian. he doesn't identify as such. He considers himself white, because, he looks white. I think it might be eaier for him to do this than defend his whiteness with other Lumbees or Native Americans. He doesn't participate in tribal functions, but doesn't mind that I want that four our daughter. he is passive when it comes to his own racial heritage. It just isn't important to him.
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