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Secondhand Stroller question

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So I posted to my local online mothers' group looking for a secondhand BOB Duallie, and no one has one. But I have now been offered a practically new Schwinn double and a 4 year old Valco jogging double for about the same price. The Valco is obviously the better stroller, but will it have held up over 4 years?

I need to give these two women an answer . . . anyone have any input for me?
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If it's been used much for jogging over those 4 years, I would be worried about spending much on a 4 year old stroller, even a good brand like Valco, and would be more likely to get the almost-new Schwinn. While not as fancy/expensive, they do get pretty good reviews!
I'd go for the valco!

Can you see it first and then decide? If it looks good, I bet it is good.


We're going over tomorrow morning to check out the Valco, and if it's good we're going to buy it. If it's not, we'll get the Schwinn. I wasn't sure these moms would be so understanding about my need to check out the goods first, but they're both being really great.
Valco, hands-down. You can see it's a better-made stroller even in the online photos. And it has four wheels. Do not under-estimate the importance of four wheels for stability on even small inclines. I'm actually surprised three-wheeled strollers get the safety certifications (looking at how parnoid safety standards seem to be with many other childrens products).
We got the Valco! I'm in love.
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