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See my diaper, Its Cloth and its COOL!

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Does anyone else have this shirt besides buttercupbaby! I so desperately want one soon but she only has size 6 months and that would really be cuttin it close to being to small on Braedon! Spam me please with advocacy tshirts. I know of and thats about it!
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see my diaper its cloth and its cute is actually butter cup babies design
She gets them however from I believe you can special order one from there . I have one for dd and I love it we wear it out to shop all the time
It gets alot of ware and has held up well
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Originally Posted by norcalmommy has advocacy clothing, but not this particular shirt.
That link isn't working for me??
I'm pretty sure I saw some of those at in her Advocacy clothing section. I don't remember the sizes, but it's worth a look!
Lindz - Danielle makes custom baby tees. She's in Seattle but you can post for her on our board when she gets back. They are cute, cheap and FAST

DOH! Don't buy one.. please!!!!!!!! Just wait and check your mail
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I have had my eyes on that shirt as well. Too cute! (and looks like you might have one coming your way .... lucky lucky!)
I have to say that this is the cutest shirt. We bought one from buttercupbaby last week and I LOVE it!!!! DD wore it to church the other night, and my pastor of preschool ministries (and a good friend of mine) was holding her during dinner for me. Someone came up and asked her where I got that tshirt... she said she didn't know but that she knew I CDed and that I owned my own biz... then told her to ask me. The lady did, and wanted to know why I chose to CD. I told her "so I can generate this much interest in it!"

We absolutely go gaga over this tshirt!!
ilked that shirt too. Had extra $$ in paypal (is it ever really extra???) and went searching for one yesterday. We have a 12 months from Ella's Diapers that fits but is NOT at all too large for my 6 month peanut (not even wearing 6 month sized clothes yet), so I wen tahead and ordered the 12 month sized from Granola threads.
OOOooooooh! I checked my mail! Wooooohooooooo Christina! Now Im intrigued!
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I dont know if she has that exact one but has great advocacy wear and she will do pretty much any custom one you want!
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OH and even though she is closing her store, she is opening a new one for just adv. clothing
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