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Seeking a good mattress pad

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Our daughter just turned three and has been potty-trained for about 2 and a half months. She would wear pull-ups at night, but for the past week has refused to wear them. To her credit, she is hardly ever wet in the morning, but there have been occasions. So instead of fighting about the pull-ups, we want to find a good pad to protect the mattress that is not incredibly bulky but that is large enough to not shift. We're also having a second baby in January, so I figure this will come in handy then when the diapers leak. We used to put a crib protector sheet under the baby but it migrated all over the place and drove me nuts.
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If she's not too much of a mover while she sleeps, there is a great multi purpose pad at My Lil Miracle that can be used for this. I have a couple that have been in use for years (for various purposes) and still look almost new. My 5yo dd currently sleeps on one every night. This is not a mattress pad that covers the entire mattress though, it's meant to go on top of the sheets so that's all you have to change in the night (as long as the top sheets don't get wrapped up).
thanks, I'll check it out!
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