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I'm looking for a chance to apprentice to a CPM in Provo,Utah.

I'm a little scared though because I'm not the typical person for this job. I'm worried about it getting in the way that I personally have never had a baby vaginally or had a good experience with breastfeeding, it was an issue when I tried to become a doula with people saying less then great things about "people like me".
But I'm a hard worker and a fast learner for all things related to the human body with a commitment to helping women in their chosen paths and experiences in becoming a Mother. I've had a long term fascination with the human body and a love for studying all things about childbirth but since I'm not a member of the community around here it's been hard to find opportunities.

Any chance you ladies could point me in the direction of how to get started? Maybe some of you know someone who is looking and wouldn't mind someone like me or how to find a board more specific to my area?
My end goal is to get my CPM so I would need a preceptor who is licensed though I would be willing to learn the ropes with someone who's a lay midwife.
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