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Seeking doula in SW PDX for Dec birth

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Hi ladies,
I am looking for a doula for my cousin who will be birthing in Oregon City this month (edb 12/20). She is planning to relinquish the babe into an open adoption and could use some loving care during her labor. She is hoping to have a med-free birth, and given the emotional circumstances I think a doula would be invaluable for her.

I wish I could go camp out with her for the next month, but since I can't I told her I would look into doula resources for her (sorry for the late notice...just got to sit down with her over Thanksgiving).

If you have any resources or know of a doula who you'd recommend, please post or pm me. Thank you
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Hi Jessica...I would call Stacey over at Birthingway Midwifery College, she has many doula students who need births to get certified and they are free.
Awesome, thank you!
You can contact Stephanie/Sage.Naissance. Here is her post about her doula business.
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Thanks for the tip, Danielle
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While I haven't used her services, I sure like Erica with Renaissance. I think she would be really comforting and loving and awesome.
MotherTree also has fans:

Wishing her a peaceful birth =)
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