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Please respond privately, thanks!

Dear all:

I am a writer and mother of five (one c/s, 4 VBAC); I'm currently writing an article about differences of opinion between moms and dads regarding birthing issues. I'm writing to request personal stories from couples who had disagreements over decisions such as location of birth, pain relief options, prenatal testing, VBAC vs. RCS, etc. I'm looking for a variety of birth experiences - home, hospital, first-timers, multips, non-VBAC as well as VBAC, etc.

Specific facets of your experience that I would love to hear about are:

What issues you disagreed upon - i.e. did you want a homebirth and he objected?
Did he think a doula was unnecessary? Did you want a VBAC and he thought a RCS was safer for your baby?

How you worked through it (for ex., gave him medical research or books to read,
took a "no vagina no vote" approach, negotiated a compromise, or
deferred to the baby's father, as well as any solution in between)

How the "opposing" partner felt/viewed things after the birth was over

What you would have done differently if you could do it over again

Whom you feel should have the ultimate right to make these decisions if at
an impasse, and why

Quotes from both mom and dad as well as photos would be extremely helpful.

I'm also interested in obtaining the opinions and suggestions of midwives,
doulas, and other labor attendants on effective ways for couples to work
through disagreements over these issues.

I'm writing this article for Mothering Magazine on a speculative basis -
which means they are interested, and may or may not publish it depending
upon whether the final submission suits their needs. I would love to be able
to include lots of personal stories and as much variety as possible. I appreciate
any and all input from you, thanks!

Misha Woodruff
[email protected]
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