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Hi all. I suppose I should introduce myself first: I'm Rachel, due 7/27 and this is my second pregnancy (m/c 9/04). I was hoping that someone might be able to offer me some peace of mind that "everything turned out just fine" for them after going through what I did last night...

Last night I noticed blood when I went to the bathroom, not a lot, but enough to warrant panic, especially knowing my previous m/c. So, dh and I rushed to the er and had blood work, and an u/s and the baby is fine, little heart beating, and measuring 7 weeks. The bleeding has now stopped, but I am still in such a panic. Everything I read says that bleeding is common and doesn't always mean something bad. But you can imagine that I am not sold on that considering the previous m/c. Is this something that has happened to any of you? Any insights would be so much appreciated.

Thanks for the support.
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