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seeking reassurance on symptoms

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hello everyone. my two previous pg ended in m/c, one at 10 wks and one at 11 weeks, but the first ended at 6 wks and the other at 7 weeks, so the u/s revealed.
anyhoo. I've been really great at maintaining a postivie attitude and all good things until this week when I'm 7 weeks. I feel less tired these past two days and it just worries me. I know that if something is wrong, there's nothing anyone can do, adn I don't want to to get an u/s only to be told that things are not progressing. I want to believe all is well until I have reason to believe otherwise (my wise friend said there is plenty of time to grieve if there is a loss, so enjoy every moment of yoru pregnancy), but I want wise words reminding me what I already know, that symptoms fluctuate with hormones and that some days I will feel better than others and it's no cause for concern.
Anyone care to share their ups and downs with symptoms?
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HI Janola,
I don't have the previous experience or scientific knowledge that you are probably looking for, but I identified with your situation so deeply, and wanted to send my kinship

One thing that I have tried to tell myself as I hope to embark on ttc #3 is that it's not statistically improbable to even have 2 losses. I've really struggled with fear that there is something wrong with me such that a 3rd loss is inevitable. There really is a good statistical reason why doctors don't treat us as recurrent until we've had 3 losses. However, that does little to quiet a mother's heart. Take good care of yourself mama, and I'll tell you what I wish others would say to me: Don't worry that you're worrying too much. Anyone who tells you that worrying is "making it worse" has forgotten how much every mother worries. And they're neglecting how little control one has about what you worry about. YOu don't need the extra stress about worrying that you're worrying too much
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: Shanna is so right. I feel for you, mama. I've had 4 mc's in the past 4 yrs, but I have 4 girls ages 4 to 18, and had no problems to speak of with those pgs. And there's another mama on these boards who's had 7 or 8 mc's and is now pg and due in July. So take heart. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for a healthy pg!

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Thanks for the kind words, mamas. I did feel quite hungry and gaggy tonight, which is reassuring, but also no guarantee, I know.
I'm just going to trust that all is well as best I can. My next OB appt is next week when I'll be one day shy of 9 weeks. I hope the OB finds my uterus approriately sized. I'll decide later if I want to try to find the hb that day if I'm offered the option.
Again, thanks for the support.
I just wanted to let you know that when I was pregnant with my little girl (age 3 and perfectly healthy) I had absolutely no symptoms except sensitivity to smell and that only came around week nine or ten.
And that pregnancy went without a hitch. SO don't worry. Try to relax and do things you enjoy and not think about it too much, that way the time will pass more quickly. I know it is hard, I just found out I am pregnant after a m/c and am trying to be positive.
Janola, how are you doing? Hoping you're feeling healthy and confident
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