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Oops posted in wrong place. Please Remove. Reposted in Selective/Delayed Vac.<br><br>
My DD has her 2 month check up this week and she's scheduled for some vaccinations. I've watched the DVD Vaccines: The Risks, The Benifits, The Choices and I've talked to my Ped. and got her to say that I should be selective of what vaccines to give DD, OMG! Ped suggested that I just get the reccomend ones.(?) She was given the Hep B @ 1 month cause the ped. reccommeded it due the semi third world territiry we live in. Now I'm wondering which ones would be suitable for my situation?<br><br>
My situation:
<ul><li>Live in semi third world country where probably 30% of the people aren't very healthy.</li>
<li>Traveling-DH and I are renovating the 50' sail boat he grew up on and plan on sailing it around the world with our DD.</li>
<li>My family has a history of cancer and heart problems.</li>
So in viewing my situation what would you suggest?
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