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Self cleaning oven

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I have never had a self cleaning oven before. I always used the Easy Off No FUmes. I read the instructions about using the self cleaning feature and it states that there needs to be ventilation during the time the oven is on. Why is that? Are toxins used during the cleaning process? Thanks for any help anyone can give me.
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no it just gets rather smoking, what it does is when you turn it on it goes on a very high heat and burns off the gunk. when it's done you should just have "ashes" to wipe out. (open the windows lol fall and spring are perfect times to do this)
Thank you sooo much for replying. I didn't think anyone would and I would be forced to call the manufacturer of the oven who, I'm sure, would have told me that the process was perfectly safe, even if it wasn't.

I feel much better about using the self cleaning feature on my oven now.
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