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Hi, I sought to post this message under "Can you remove your own IUD at home? Yes, you can!" but the thread was closed?

I suggest opening it again b/c so many women were sharing their experience which is so helpful. More so than medical advice.

I self removed my 4 year old Paragard. The device was completely rusted!!!! Do NOT get one! I cannot believe the FDA approved it for 10 years!!!

So much copper built up in my body and the side affects were enormous, hence my decision to self-remove it.

I am hear to let other women know that they CAN self-remove an IUD if they chose to do so!

I have NEVER been pregnant. Wait until you are on your period. Have an orgasm, take a hot bath, sit on the toilet and pull gently, but firmly on the strings. It worked.

It was shocking and I felt much better (less cramping immediately).

I didn't have any issues with self-removal all day (I pulled it out at 7am) until 2AM when I felt faint and had to have a huge BM. It was like copper unloading from my system. I was afraid fainting and feeling nauseous, but over the next 24 hours I got better.

I hate hospitals and had my husband at my side the whole time. We stayed home.

My 4 year old PARAGARD is rusted out and so cheaply made, I cannot believe it is still on the market and especially that it is approved for 10 years!!!

This is wrong!

The whole thing is made like a piece of shit and has caused me many side-affects.

If anyone is able to reopen the IUD thread on self-removal, I would appreciate it b/c I know many other women will find it useful as I did!

It gave me the confidence to go ahead and self-remove.
It is more educational than ANY doctor.

LASTLY, I plan to check to see about the LOT number I got on the PARAGARD. There is also a 'voluntary recall' for devices shipped to clinics in 2009. Women should have this information anyway!

I am very leery of the IUD at this point period, and I realize women are sometimes so limited in choices (which totally sucks for these modern times!), but please don't get a PARAGARD.

I do not want copper and rust in my uterus!

Thanks for reading!
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