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selling out?

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I wouldn't mind picking some brains..heh

I started workign towards midwifery abotu 12 years ago. Working with local midwives, and becoming a doula.

I have been accepted to a few differant midwifery programs but here is my dilema.

I do not believe in the midwifery style that is practiced where i live.
which is B.C Canada.

Since becoming legislated midwifery has become- as i see it- very medicalized. The community standard of care reflects the rules and policies that midwives are forced to follow, and some of them out right go against my morals.

I feel like it is in my heart to be a midwife.. I have been attending births since i was 18 years old, it is a vital part of my life. But I do not know if i would be happy attending births and recomending procedures i disagree with.

I know a few beautiful lay midwifes here who are practicing out of the scope of the college of midwives- but I am not sure this is for me either. The amount of stress and hostility they have to endure.. as well legal midwives pay to the tooth to practice here, fees to the college plus inscurance, plus student loans- midwives on islands and smaller communities often struggle to just pay theri bills.

So any thoughts?
pardon my NAK typing.
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If you practice under the "law" and you don't follow your heart, who are doing it for?

It certainly isn't for the birthing mother, who wants a homebirth to avoid the standard of *bad* care that she could receive at a hospital. And it certainly isn't for you, whose heart is troubled by the thought of it.

Here what you say about the legal midwifery: I do not believe

Here is what you say about lay midwifery: I am not sure

It seems to me that "I am not sure" of whether or not you want to have to deal with the stress and hostility, is a lot easier then doing something that you don't believe in.

(This post sounds snarky, and it is so not supposed to!)

Follow your heart mama, it won't lead you wrong.
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Well.. hello.. Great to see you!

I wish I had some great advice for you, but I don't know much about what is going on there. There are a few midwife practices in my state, but unfortunately only a few of them will do homebirths, and even less actually practice true midwifery.
You know I am just starting working on becoming a cnm. Direct entry midwives are illegal in my state, so that's part of why I chose it. I am scared though of all the financial issues you were speaking off, insurance, student loans, etc. etc.
I totally see you as a midwife and you were one of the first people who turned me on to natural childbirth. So I definately believe that is your calling.
Could you get prosecuted in your province for practicing without a license? That is what would worry me for you.
Let me know your feelings when you think about this more. Sorry I don't have any better advice.
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I am struggling with the same thing.

But, here is my perspective. I can not do much on the outside as a consumer. But as a Midwife, I can change the system from the inside...... easier than throwing stones from the outside. A legal, educated and respect Midwife has more say than a renegade illegal lay midwife. IMHO.

It is hard for my to say that.... because I do not really believe in Licensing or regulating Midwives. But, since that is what it has come to....... I can do more good within "the system". KWIM?

: Michelle
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yeah. sigh. i hear you. i have to agree - which is worse - following
i don't believe or
i'm not sure.

i say go for it and you will be guided all the way.
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