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Hello, I started reading the boards here in October when I was just pregnant with my second daughter. So I thought since I've begun reading it a lot more, maybe I should introduce myself. My name is Michelle. I live in central Wisconsin. I have a daughter Abbigail who just turned five, and a daughter Kaleigh who was born June 25. Im married 6 years today to Bill. Our famililes have been close for years, and didnt really know it until we began dating. I am a SAHM, am a Nursing student but taking time off since having a little-er one. Im very untrusting leaving little children ANYWHERE with ANYONE. Kaleigh has laryngomalacia, and is going away thankfully. She is much different than Abbigail was when she was a baby. She has an awful fussy time at night, and smetimes is hard to soothe her. Im open to any suggestions anyone might have. I have been looking towards many lifestyles changes as it seems to be happening on its own since Kaleighs birth. I had a COMPLETLY natural birth this time, where as with Abbigail I did have cervical blocks. I actually enjoyed it, though I was a little scared I couldnt handle it. I was and still am amazed I coudl do such a thing. It was at a hospital. I am thinking of possibly doing a home birth if hubby will let me have one more
. I will also be making my own foods for Kaleigh from the garden we have, and also have been co sleeping with her. Abby thinks its weird because she NEVER slept in our bed. She always LOVED hers so much she never wanted to. Kaleigh wants to be close at all times.Wow, I could go on forever, but I think you guys get the feel on what Im saying. Im just glad to be part of this awesome board!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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