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Semi-reclining newborn position how-to for MW style slings

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Ok, a good friend has a 6 week old and I have been "borrowing" him to brush up on my tiny-baby slinging techniques since week 3. He's a chunker, so not so tiny, but at 3 weeks and about 9 lbs, I was able to get him into an awesome semi-reclining position and figure out how to replicate it consistently. So this might be helpful if you are trying to use this type of sling with a smaller infant who wants to see out.
All I did was this:

1. Start with rings as high as possible without being on top of the shoulder, and pouch slightly lower than normal. Do not pull inner edge up too tight at first.
2. Hold baby up to your chest *sideways*, so the side of his body is against you, and he faces away from the rings.
3. Hold baby's legs and bottom in a seated, 90 degree angle position. IOW, bent at the waist with legs straight out in front.
3. Lower baby into the pouch, making sure to pull enough fabric up between the two of you to create a secure pouch.
4. Supporting baby's weight over the fabric of the sling, tighten until baby's head is just below rings. Pull inner edge of tail to tighten outer rail slightly more.
5. How it should look: baby is sitting with back and head supported by fabric behind, but not wrapped around or in front of the chest and face. The outer rail of the sling will come up over baby's lower body up to about armpit level.

This position rocks!
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