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Senator update/ brag about my son

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Soul-O asked about the senator. I totally forgot I mentioned that on here. Sorry, I'm getting older and am having brain spasms lately.

He's been seeing someone else, but not seriously, so we're gonna take it slow for now. I'm a little hesitant, even though he says she is "nothing serious." I don't really want to be considered "nothing serious" at this point in my life. So I'm taking it slowly. We are talking on the phone a lot, but that's about it. But he is going to accompany me Friday night-and here is why.
My 16 y.o. son plays guitar in a punk band. We live in a very rural area (out town has a McDonald's, Pizza Hut, and a Huddle House and 1 grocery store). The boys have been playing in some of the larger towns around (at least a 30 minute dirve away), and apparently someone "important" heard them because they have been asked to open for a band from New York City.

I am so excited for them. They are seeing this as their "Big Break." Secretly I'm sure nothing will come of it except more spending money, but it really is a big deal for them. I took the afternoon off yesterday, and we went and bought a suitably funky, old-looking new outfit (but boys don't call them outfits) for him to wear, (and of course I had to get one for myself as well).

The senator is going to meet us there because I am going early with my son to help get everything set up. Also, this helps get over the whole awkward first date routine, as we will be going and leaving in separate vehicles.
I promise I'll try not to forget to update you this time.
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What a great opportunity for your son & his band. I hope it goes well.
Have fun with the Senator. I hope it goes well.
So how did this go?

Hope you and the Senator hit it off well! and hope your son's band rocked

I dunno why, but I am totally getting the giggles thinking about you taking a Senator on a date to see punk bands play.
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I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to get back here. If I'm not in the bathroom waiting for my daughter to go (I'll poopie in a second and then I'll teetee and then I'll be through,
yeah right), then I am working.
The concert went great. There were three bands, and my boys graciously volunteered to play last, so they didn't even start until midnight.
: They played better than they ever have before, and even had an encore. I was so proud of them. They brought down the house with their punk version of "Sweet Home Alabama" (we're in the deep south, so it's sort of a law that all bands have to play this song at least once).
They had a ball, and the place said they would definitely like to have them back.
Anyway, because they played so late, the senator didn't stay to hear the boys, but we did have a nice dinner beforehand (ate great pizza outside in a little garden area). The conversation was okay, but I'm not really feeling any sparks with him. He's a very interesting man, but there's just something missing.
kwim? My son, who is a great judge of character, didn't really connect with him either, and he usually connects with everybody. He was like me, he thought he was okay, but not really anything special.
So I don't know ... maybe I'll give it one more chance, and go out to a place that's not full of punk rockers, and that has real food and conversation.
I haven't talked to him since the show, so I'm guessing he feels the same way I do. I guess time will tell...
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I dunno about everywhere, but in the scene I was in it was a HUGE thing to get to play last. Very cool for your son

Oh well, dates are nice, but really I think it is SO important to have some interesting friends to do things with!!

But definitely give him a second chance. I went out with a guy and just felt blah about him the first time even though I had alot of fun. The second time we hung out though I was SO into him, like electric signals bouncing all over the over the place
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