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Would your dh agree to go for therapy? I have spent years being insecure, and highly sensitive... it's an insecurity thing. I mean if you are not telling each other horrible things, or being rude, simply discussing things, then being easily offended just completely stops the dialogue right?

My dh is often like this and after getting to know his mother over the last 8 years, I have realized that what triggers him is when I am blunt. His mother is very opinionated and I'm certain she put him down a lot as a child. There are triggers, if you watch your dh you will see there are certain triggers.

For my dh, there are certain things that I say that really offend him, like for example, if he says "maybe we should do this today" or something and I reply "why do you want to do that?", I don't feel I'm saying it in a bad way, but he gets really offended, as if I'm implying he's stupid for wanting to do whatever it is.

I am trying to get him to go for therapy because he also gets really angry with himself when he tries to do something and it doesn't work. Again I think he was put down alot by his parents.

Look at his relationship between he and his mom and you might find some answers.
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