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Maybe "easily offended" is more accurate!

My whole life, people told me I was too sensitive-- inc. DH. Now I have realized (and so has he, via joint counseling) that he is ALSO very sensitive. It makes for a tense marriage, to say the least.

Someone posted on a thread recently something to the effect of "If you choose to be offended, you are choosing to be a victim." I LOVE this. It is so true . . .and it is making me learn to NOT be offended because why would I choose victimhood (is that a word?).

This morning I was saying that I was really tired (DD2 sleeps very, very little). DH told me to look at our older DD as the "light at the end of the tunnel." I said, "I know . . .I'm not complaining . .. .she's just a newborn, but I'm just tired." DH GOT OFFENDED! When he gets that way, he becomes sullen will barely talk, etc . . .for the rest of the day. He said that I was mad (???) I said I wasn't. And I really wasn't . . . why would I be?

Isn't that just ridiculous, how we are spending our lives? People are struggling with poverty, hunger, wars . . .and THIS is what we choose to get upset about??? I feel like I'm on the path to getting over this sensitivity thing, but how do I deal with DH's sullen moods in the meantime? I can never predict what will offend him (and he couldn't predict this with me either, to be fair).

Oh, and he's only like this with me. His family can say some pretty rude things to him (I've heard racist remarks . . .he's adopted) and he will NOT be offended in the least.
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