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Originally Posted by movingon
I think I've come to terms with the fact that not every baby makes it, and not every pregnancy ends perfectly, finally. I think I'd wait a little more to do anything if my body began to end the pregnancy... I've thought about the tiny babies at the hospital with all the tubes and the needles, and the fact that the smallest ones are so unlikely to live. Sometimes I wonder just because we CAN do something - like intervene with extremely early deliveries - if we necessarily SHOULD... Lower chances of survival, higher chances of illnesses and diseases, being on tubes and needles for the first several months of life, and not feeling much comfort and nurturing because of the dangers of the outside world. This must have some kind of effect even in the long term...

I totally agree with this, espescially the part I bolded. I couldn't tell you right now at what point I would make the decision to keep a very premature baby alive. I think it would depend on the the baby's prognosis at birth.
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