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Sensitivity to smells @ 7m PP

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I don't know if anyone else has experienced this, but when I was preg. I couldn't tolerate any smells. It started early on in the pregnancy. Anything and everything bothered me from perfumes, to aftershave, to dishsoap, even essential oils, anything with an odor.

I thought it would go away, but at 7 month ppd, the sensitivity is still there. It's getting to be a real pain, because so many people wear cologne and perfume and I just want to choke (and choke them for wearing it).

Has anyone else experienced this and when did it go away?
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My oldest girls are 4 and the smell of bananas still makes me want to puke. Of course, they love them! I'm also very aware of chemical smells and odors that I never noticed before. I don't know if it will eventually go away, maybe after the baby weans?
That's what I was thinking...maybe it has something to do with BF and it will go away once they wean. That would make sense biologically. Our bodies are trying to warn us against hazardous smells, toxins, etc.
Hmmmm that's possible. For me it's fish. UGH! And it's so good for me, and to be honest, I just CAN'T cook the stuff. Makes me ill. I'm starting to get a little salmon back in our diet, but only cooked outside on the grill. Now what's poisonous about fish? or bananas? I think our bodies go a little haywire, w/all the changes etc. W/dd the smell thing didn't ever go away totally, but tbh, there wasn't some particular smell that sent me 'off' the way this time round fish did. Chinese food, kinda, but not too bad (I spent a month of my first tri in Hong Kong, and the smell of food cooking in grease was contant and it really made me feel ill). Anyway, good question!
I first had this during the pregnancy with my first, and after my second it still hasn't gone away. Mysecond is 15 months and still nursing so Idunno.
For me, every smell is amplified. It's sad, because the smell of other people bother me, ugh. My husband's hair...puke. Animals at the zoo, double puke... coffee breath on anyone, puke city... THe list goes on...
I'm almost 10 months pp, and while my sensitivity is not as great as it was while pregnant, it is still much greater than it was before I got pregnant. I am always bugging my husband that I can smell the litter box or the trash and he thinks I am nuts because he can't smell anything. I am also super sensitive to cigarette smoke. I never liked it before but now I can immediately smell it on someone who hasn't even smoked near me.
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