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If you have been told to get a trampoline for your dc, I have a suggestion. I looked into various trampolines but was not happy with the size (some were too small to be fun, some were WAY too big to fit comfortably in a playroom), or the fact that it needed to stay "big" if that makes sense (inflated). We have a relatively small home and it just takes up a lot of room. The other problem is that dd loves to jump off of something (like the couch) onto a tramp and couldn't do it with the ones with high sides (whiich was recommended for us, dd is 3).

So, in desperation I remembered that we have an inflatable "aero bed" for when we have guests. It is the perfect solution - very, very bouncy, inflates in 60 seconds and deflates in 15, I feel dd is very safe because she is close to the floor, she can jump off of things onto it, etc. Plus, if you need an extra bed, it serves two purposes.

They are not cheap but I would be hesitant to buy a cheap trampoline anyway, safety issues and all.

I think the website is if you're interested.
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