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Fo my dd this is always a sign that a new developmental step is just around the corner. It usually last a few weeks and peaks with a few really rough days.

I try to go with it as much as possible - as much extra cuddle time as possible (even when she doesn't seem to need it
, skipping non-essential time by myself for a couple of days etc. I try to let her know that her needing me is ok - that I am doing my best to be with her and as hard as it feels I will be back soon.

We have a ritual for seperation anxiety days called "half-hug". We do a few huge cuddles then one 1/2 of a hug. We do the second half as soon as I get back.

The other thing I try to keep in mind is developmentally her seperation anxiety is a sign of strong attachment and good emotional health. Its important, and as much as I want to ease it and do my best to be gentle with her *she* needs to process her own feelings...

Good luck mama
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