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Sept 04 mamas can you believe it's already JUNE?

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Welcome to the new thread

What will June bring?...

...more mobility - commando crawling, creeping and walking?
...more solid foods?
...more teeth? (ugh)
...serious talking?
...a nurse-in at Hanneford's?

Stay tuned!!
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Jen, I think this format of a thread starting post is even more fun than the old recaps, LOL.

Subscribing... I just may be up to catch the Ribbit, ribbit, but I hope not!! My job tonight is to scour the house for things that I'll need in the next month. Dh said anything still in the house after we leave for Florida tomorrow morning (to visit my mom, sis and bro) will get packed up until we get our own place in July.
( <--- I'm too lazy to open the big icon screen, so "blush" icon will have to suffice for "jawdrop")

I'm supposed to mail off 6 custom dipes tomorrow, and only 3 are finished. Ack. But I haven't heard from the mom in over a week, who was supposed to send more money and confirm the shipping address. I guess I won't stress over it if she's not, LOL. Man, these dipes are cute. I tried my hand at appliqueing. Her daughter's a big fan of fairies. I'll post pix later on. I'm bringing all my sewing and crocheting projects to Florida... Maybe my mom and sis will play with the babies and let me sew a little more than I get to here at home.

All that to say, I have every good reason to be up at midnight, but also need to rest up for our big drive.

8 days and counting...
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Leomom -- I'm glad the pouch made it to you safely. And thanks for the support and for keeping Dallas stocked in my pouches :LOL I hope that your NCSS works out and you both are better rested.

Almamiel -- Ohhh, your poor baby, I hope she gets better soon.
BTW, YAY, JEN!! You rock for showing the world you can still nurse a baby who takes formula. Yay, yay, yay for Sniping the world.
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Rabbit rabbit!!

Okay I guess I cheated because I haven't gone to bed yet. :LOL

Woohoo to Jen for SNIPing the world.

Sorry to hear that your DD is feeling so bad Almamiel. Hope she's feeling better soon. They are so sad when they are sick.

Okay Aidan is offically... a HOWLER MONKEY!
: For some reason he's decided that screeching is a fun way to get our attention. Needless to say, we are trying to find ways to curb that tendancy. Don't know if our ears can handle it much more.

He just slept over 3 hours straight!!!
: Okay that's pretty sad isn't it. He hasn't slept for longer than 1.5 hours in weeks! I've probably just jinxed myself for the rest of the night.
And of course I was AWAKE during the time he slept that long.
: Hopefully this will be a new trend... or at least a return of the "old" one where he slept for at least a couple of hours straight a night. It will be nice to not feel like all I've gotten is a nap in the morning.

Okay someone else is making noises up stairs. Maybe I'll go to bed BEFORE 2 am... naaaah!

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Hello all, Happy June. I have been AWOL for quite a while. Very busy at work, and then I have this 8 month old baby at home. Oh wait ...
you too???

The best thing to happen to me recently was getting the Ergo carrier for Mother's Day. Yeehaw. So comfortable, & Lucy loves it. Even snoozed during Doing The Dishes a couple days ago. Thanks to all who steered me that direction.

Today she started her swim lessons. Her dad, a teenage lifeguard in a former life, took her in -- I was chicken & stayed on the deck taking pictures. The pool was having trouble with the boiler so it was pretty cold, not the best introduction possible, and the instructor was about 14 and not terribly effective. Lucy wailed for the first 10 minutes or so, but then her pop got her distracted with some spinning around, kicking & a rubber duck, and altogether it did not go badly. There were plenty of older kids in the class having their first lesson who were coming apart at the seams the whole time, so I thought she fared pretty well. Afterwards she was fascinated by all the kids in the locker room, and when we left, she was so clearly pleased with herself. She just kept grinning and chortling and acting all grown up. Then upon returning home, for the first time she stood up in her pack-and-play thingy while holding on to the sides & just stood there, again looking all proud of herself. Then she ate a couple of cheese crackers and I felt like she just grew up a month in about 12 hours.

Wow, this is fun!!! Fun, fun, fun. Hard, but fun.

For all of you who have done, or know about, the infant swim thing -- is there a good website on which to read about the Water Babies method or equivalent? It seems like we are going to need to educate ourselves about the theory of teaching a baby to swim, because our swim teacher is not inspiring confidence. I get how to play with her in the pool, but, um, putting her face in scares the crap out of me. How do I make it so she's happy I did that???

Lucy's grandpa & grandma (my partner's dad & stepmom) are arriving tomorrow from Kentucky & we have about a million things to do to make this place livable before then, so I had better get started. I will try to do better about staying caught up with this thread this month.

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<yawn> David had a rough time going to sleep last night. His top teeth decided to act up. Thankfully we had teething tablets on hand. Today the boys and I are meeting up with some friends at a local nursing home for some visiting. I can't wait to see the smiles on the older folk's face when we are visiting them. I feel for the folks who get place in a facility and then never see their family again.
Good morning!!!! M is finally feeling better, thank goodness. She dropped about 3 (!) lbs and still looks hollow-eyed, but she's eating and drinking and didn't have any major bouts of diarrhea yesterday. I have to say that on Monday, she was totally lethargic and disoriented and I actually went to the ER with her. But there had just been some major accident and life-flight was there - it would have been hours, so we just went home. But I was scared. I'm so glad she's doing better - thanks for all the cyber hugs!

In the middle of the night last night, M woke up and asked for water. Since dp is on the side of the bed by the bedstand, I elbowed him to get her cup. He grunts and moans, reaches over and gropes around, hands me a pom-pom hair tie that was lying there and falls back asleep.

R is her usual active, bouncy happy self - such a joy!
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Oh - Heather, that's great about the nursing home visit - you all will bring such joy to those folks!

Glad Lucy had a good swim, Lisa!

FF - can you send me a link to fabric you have avail?
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we had such a blast yesterday!!! will upload and post pics soon.

so glad m is feeling better!

baby asleep. no more typing.
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Happy June!

It's such an exciting time in babyland, isn't it? I feel like each day might have a new surprise in terms of baby development. I moved a small tile with a moon and star on it to Dash's changing room and he really noticed it and wants to go over and touch it. I'm really shocked that such a small thing even registered.

Jill--I live in Kamloops now, but have lived in Vancouver at various times in my life as a child and a young adult. It's my favourite city. My sister and her family live there, so we visit quite often. I've lived here for five years now, after going to grad school in Ontario. If you've driven through, you'll know that it's very arid here and not really like the coast. However, as soon as I found out we had sushi and an espresso bar on my small campus (neither of which we had on the big campus I was at back east)I knew I was home! Where do you live in Sask.? We have lots of family there and visit sometimes.

I don't remember if I already told this story but..

Alex army-crawled over to the dog's water dish and took his favorite rubber ducky with him and threw it in and proceeded to play in the water dish. He kept sticking the ducky in his mouth after swirling it around, but I didn't have the heart to stop him since it was so cute. A few days later I thought I'd show dh this new trick since I had just cleaned and washed the dog bowl and filled it with fresh water and also had just mopped the floor. Well, I have created a monster! I can hardly keep Alex away from the dog bowl now!

Here's some pictures:

Alex in the dog bowl
What is it with babies and water? David loves to play in the cat's water dish. He is always getting himself wet! LOL!

David was the star of the show at the nursing home today. I wasn't sure if they ladies were going to let him go. The look in their eyes as I handed David to them was "Ooooh! Baby!". I found out that the nursing home is going to set it up so we can come once a month. They call it Adopt-A-Grandchild. The boys had fun!
FF - I just got my silk pouch in the mail. It is BEAUTIFUL!!
Thank you so much, Harmony! I will have my dh take some pictures of me wearing Alex in it and post them ASAP.
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Originally Posted by lucysmom
For all of you who have done, or know about, the infant swim thing -- is there a good website on which to read about the Water Babies method or equivalent? It seems like we are going to need to educate ourselves about the theory of teaching a baby to swim, because our swim teacher is not inspiring confidence. I get how to play with her in the pool, but, um, putting her face in scares the crap out of me. How do I make it so she's happy I did that???

We are doing waterbabies now. I am constantly amazed at how relaxed and happy all the babies are in the water, even during submersion (yes, all the way under!). The classes are only taught in warmwater pools (90 degrees) and the instructors are highly trained. They use verbal cues for any submersion (face or all the way under) and they really emphasize water safety. Also, they do lots of songs and play games aimed at being comfortable in the water, with water on your face. They also really "train" the parents not to overreact when your child gets water on their face or dunks their mouth in, because parent reaction is the most important thing to "control" I guess. Here is the link to waterbabies: They have lots of good info and also links to good books about babies swimming.

In other news, Thor can drink out of a straw! We discovered this by accident at Red Robin :LOL . He loves it, much more than the sippy cup, which he can't figure out. He's sick now, with a really rattly cough and runny nose. The sleeping thing is somewhat better and over Memorial Day weekend he actually slept very well for 3-4 nights and I felt so NORMAL and rested!! Wow!!

Oh, and:
He grunts and moans, reaches over and gropes around, hands me a pom-pom hair tie that was lying there and falls back asleep.

:LOL :LOL That is hilarious.

Happy June Everyone!
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We had a great time at Chrissy's house yesterday too! Both boys were out within 5 minutes of leaving and slept the whole way home! Alex is still talking about how much fun he had playing with Noah, Jack, and Christopher.

Must find some dinner before I compeltely run out of energy.

Happy June mamas!


Happy June!

I somehow missed the ribbit ribbit stuff.
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Hi mamas...I've been so busy lately and just have a minute now. I have been trying to read to keep up on everyone when I get a chance.

It's been just so crazy here.. Liam's birthday, his parents visited, friends over, my job is really busy right now. Mari is busier and busier every day.

Have meals gotten more exciting for anyone else? I'm not sure when it happened, but it did! She likes to grab the spoon and feed herself. She actually gets it right in there. But, she also loves it when I drop food on her tray and let her play in it. We seemed to have achieved pincer grip too so finger foods are more thrilling. Homemade sweet potato fries (baked) are the most exciting thing ever. Who knew?

So sad to have missed the NC gathering. I just couldn't get out of work. We are having a lot of family visit later this month so I need to take some time off then.

Saturday will be 1 month since she's been home, and I cannot believe how different she is already!

Well, I'm here with you all in spirit, reading when I can and quietly cheering you all on!

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Hey all!

Having a stressful day here today... Mielle fell off the bed today (she's getting WAY TOO MOBILE) and has a big whoppin goose egg. I took her in to the chiropractor to get her checked and have been instructed to watch for signs of it getting worse. It seems she has likely got a minor concussion.... she's super crabby, tired and clingy. It's strange, feeling so sympathetic for her injury but also tired of being her pacifier.... she doesn't want anyone but me. Not Papa, not Nonny (Grama)... and definitely NOT Dr Emily! (her chiropractor) Hoping she feels better soon, or it could be a very LONG night.

Well, small child needs me... a few minutes of respite isall i get. Hope everyone is doing well, I miss you all.

Much love
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