For the first round of the U.S. Open, Williams came out in a designer tutu.
It's been said, "If you can't beat them, join them!" Well, tennis rockstar and new mama Serena Williams has taken that motto to a whole new level, wearing a custom designer tutu in response to the complaint that her 'catsuit' was disrespectful to the game.

You may have heard about how the president of the French Tennis Federation banned 'catsuits' on the tennis courts after Serena Williams recently wore one in the French Open. President Bernard Giudicelli said that catsuits would no longer be accepted on the courts because, "One must respect the game and the place."


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Fans of the tennis superstar were in an uproar with their support, particularly because Williams has been very open about her pregnancy complications, and the issues she still deals with to this day.

The "Black Panther" type suit helped prevent blood clots in her body, and this is important since she suffered from a potentially fatal pulmonary embolism after she gave birth to her daughter Olympia, who turns one this week.

Williams has been very vocal about the preeclampsia complications that endangered both Olympia and her, and to this day, still require her to be careful of blood clots that could kill her.

Legendary tennis star Billie Jean King thought the 'ban' from the French Open was ridiculous, and said that the policing of a woman's body had to end, but Williams gave a response in a lighter, more deliciously diva way.


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For the first round of the U.S. Open, Williams came out in a designer tutu. Yes, tutu! Custom-made by Louis Vuitton designer Virgil Abloh and Nike, she rocked the courts while competing against Magda Linette. She also wore NikeCourt Flare Trainers and fishnet compression tights to help keep clotting possibilities to a minimum.


Williams said she actually enjoyed the tutu, calling it easy to play in and gave it props for being aerodynamic. She said she certainly didn't want to be a 'repeat offender' when it comes to court fashion, and fans have been raving about her courage, her attitude and her inspiration!


Cue holiday gift lists everywhere: Tennis Tutus!

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