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Serger Help Please

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I recently purchased a Pfaff 4862 off e-bay which I am hoping to use to sew diapers. I am an experienced seamstress-have been sewing for 15+ years on regular sewing machines but I just can not figure out how to operate this serger! I have threaded and rethreaded it and while it will run, it will not sew. The needle will go up and down but some how it is not catching the bottom threads. Can someone out there please help? I live over an hour away from a Pfaff dealer and they are refusing me service over the phone.

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I had that problem and it turned out that the threads were not in the tension disks. Try that.
Did it come with a manual? If not, try calling Pfaff and ordering one. I have a Babylock, and could advise you if you had one like that... but, my experience with Pfaffs is that They're Not Like The Other Machines.
Yes, I have the manual but I am still getting no where. The manual only covers how to thread the machine and the different stitched available.
Are you threading the bobbins in the correct order? On my machine (Janome), I have to thread the bottom looper, the upper looper, the right needle and then the left, or I get exactly the same result you're getting.
If it still is not working after trying the previously mentioned things, then I would think that the timing may be off. I had the same problem with my elna lock and after determining that it was threaded correctly, I took it in to a sewing machine repair shop and sure enough it was the timing, it just was not catching the thread at the right time. Good luck! Sergers are great fun to use but can be so frustrating when first getting to know them!
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naomi baker has a book "ultimate serger" something

i highly recommend it!

will look later to see what it suggests
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