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Seriously with the nausea?

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What is this, the first trimester? This is NOT cool man.

Anyone got their morning sickness back? Or in my case, night sickness? I don't like it one bit.

I'm gonna drink my RRL tea and mope a little bit. When is it July already?
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My nausea came back about two weeks ago - not as full force as in the first months but back. Another friend of mine who's pregnant also had it return a few weeks ago. Don't know what's going on...I'm blaming it on the weather- which is going back an forth between sunny & warm and rainy & cold... It's messing with my system!

Hope we're feeling better soon!
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Same here! Mine came back a few weeks ago at 33 weeks. Definitely not as bad as the first trimester, but things are making me gag all the time now and I don't have much of an appetite.
I was having it with acid reflux. I am even on medication for it and it wasn't working! I realized that yogurt was triggering it so I cut out yogurt. I was eating yogurt to get more probiotics in my diet but everything I ate after was not settling and would come back up at night.
..Yeah me too... weird :)
Count me in. I'm queasy in the mornings now-- nothing as bad as my first trimester-- but surprising all the same. Blig.
Bah! I'm soo over nausea and being ill. Sigh.
I feel sick a lot, too.

Even have thrown up first thing in the morning if I do not eat. Reflux is not fun either and I finally realized that the constant cough I have been having is a symptom of "silent reflux".

It is getting cramped in there, ladies!
Mine came back too and i've puked twice this week already! the nurse told me today its quite normal to come back towards the end. but im due july 25!! i have had acid reflux for years and have been on the best medication for me for 4 years now including through the prenancy but still get acid reflux sometimes...which does not help the nausea! the nurse said take your meds take your meds but i really don't like taking zofran often. it makes you constipated and being preggo you may already have some issues there!
Mine came back over a week ago. Smells kill me!!! Especially certain foods:(

Take care!
i threw up yesterday and had diarrea so i guess it's i am better but nausea didn't go away....please not another morning sicknes
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I haven't had any for this pregnancy until the last few days. I'm hoping its just a bug, I hate this feeling!!!
Just started with twinges of nausea yesterday morning and into today and thought of you ladies. Never experienced this with my first. It kind of sucks! My appetite is zilch... hoping to keep up with eating my protein. I'm having a hard time tolerating much more than water :(

Hope everyone feels better!!
I had it with my son but it's worse with this little one. I eat dinner and then spend the rest of the night feeling like I'm on a boat.


grumble grumble grumble. It'll be over soon, and then I'll forget all about it when I see the baby :)
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