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Setting up a cart that doesn't need payment...

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Hi, I'm a wedding stationery vendor for a local wedding facility. I am designing a website but need a cart that people can select their invitation but doesn't require them to enter a payment - because they are already paying for their printing through the wedding packages they purchase. It's a complicated set-up. Can any cart be set up to do this?
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I imagine any cart can be set up with a zero dollar amount. But I'm not sure you even need a cart. If they will only be using your site to select their invitation design, wording, quantity, etc then I'm thinking you could use a form that emails you the information (or saves it to a database).

I can help you design something, if you want. PM me & we can discuss...
Hi, Zen cart allows you to give free purchases of anything you choose! I also think if you set the price for $0 in any other cart it'll do the same.
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