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When Livi comes off the breast, do your nipples look white--like all the blood supply has been cut off?

If so, this may be Raynaud's syndrome of the nipples, which can be caused by poor latch initially (or even a really strong clamping down kind of latch).

If you can get a hold of Dr. Jack Newman's book "The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers" he discusses this. He has a lot of stuff that can be found on the internet also. A good site to look at is

One thing that can help right away, is apply heat to your nipples right after feeding.

Another treatment that worked for me was to take large amounts of evening primrose oil for several weeks. I'm pretty sure if you do a search for "Raynaud's syndrome + nipple" you will find a paper published by some lactation consultants in New Zealand that discusses this treatment. Fish oil also works.

I had strong let down with my 1st baby and what seemed to work the best to help with that was to keep her on one side for several feedings. Also, I noticed that she nursed better in the evenings (I figured out later, because my supply was lower at that time, the let down was gentler too.) So, if your daughter seems to want to nurse through the evenings, rent some movies or find some good books and just settle in. My son, my 4th baby, did that popping on and off thing when he was little. I never did figure out why and it just got better after a while.

Good luck and you are doing a great job and it's great you are sticking with it. It will get better and you will be so happy you gave it your all.

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