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Several Questions

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I didn't keep a journal last time... yeah yeah... stupid me.

I am already having terrible ligament pain and sciatic nerve pain. It's normal to have this crap right? I just can't rememeber.

On a GREAT note, I am NOT craving tons of sugar. Just the opposite. I can't eat it at all. It makes me sooooo sick. I couldn't eat anything except sugary stuff last time, and meat was out of the question for the whole pregnancy. I can't eat before noon this time, but that will pass soon enough.

Thanks... I'd just like to know that someone else is in this boat too.
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I had bad sciatic pain last week. Ligament pain I haven't noticed really much yet, but I was pregnant not too long ago, so maybe they haven't shrunk back down yet.
I've got the ligament pains, too - it always surprises me how soon they kick in!
I am not having any symptoms at all yet. Maybe I am "just " pregnant so they will kick in with avengance soon!! Just a couple of crampy pains and some bad skin problems that make me look like a teenager!
I've got the ligament pains too. If I stretch too much in one direction, it makes me yelp a little bit. No sciatic nerve pain though, knock on wood.
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