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Severe food allergies and sunday school

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dd's at an age were she's very impressionable and my mother has started teaching dd about her beliefs which I strongly disagree with and have discussed the issue many many times with my mother that she is NOT to discuss her beliefs with my dd. I haven't been taking dd to the church of my choice because I've been worried about letting her out of my sight and I know they have food in the class rooms. I'm trying to contact the Sunday school teacher to address the issue but so far not having much luck. Anyway, how do you handle your child's allergy when putting them in the nursery or Sunday school program?

If your wondering why I want to take her to church I found an excellent article that discusses it and I agree with it 100%
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My ds has pretty strong food allergies, but luckily not anaphylactic as I know many moms here who's children are. We don't do Sunday School, but in general, whenever we are going somewhere - playdate, preschool, party, etc. - I pack a special snack for him. I try to make it his favorite, most special foods, so that he is glad to have them & does not feel left out. If he is going to be without me, I make sure the adults know about his allergies and that he is only to eat the food & drink I have provided. If I do not feel this will be enforced, either I do not leave or he does not go. I have learned to chose my battles and sometimes, when there is going to be a lot of party food circulating, we may not attend. It's easier than having to say no. My ds is 5. So he understands his allergies and is really good about asking if he can eat something before he does. It has been tough, and heartbreaking at times as we have sorted through this all, but we are starting to find a system that works for us. HTH.
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In my church there is no nursery so i don't have to worry about that. But I do bring special food and things she can uses while in church and it's usually things that she hasn't seen or eaten in a while.
I agree with much of that article and I understand your feelings, but, for us right now, it isn't worth the risk.

Ds2 is almost 3; he's ana to several foods and ana on contact to dairy and the idea of putting him in a room full of kids and cheddar cheese goldfish and sippies of milk is just more than I can handle. He's old enough to remember some of his reactions and connect them with food, so he's great about not eating something unless I give it to him. His sister started to give him the wrong rice cake the other day and he stopped her. I have no idea what we'll do as he gets older.

Max had some great suggestions, much more practical than my total avoidance technique.

My only advice would be to base the decision on how severe the allergies are.
AJ has been in the nursery since he was a baby and we always brought his own snacks. There were other kids w/ food issues so everyone was required to bring what his/her child could eat. He just moved into the 2yo class and I brought a box of a safe snack for him. I talked to the teachers about it and explained it etc. I also mentioned if they showed me the snack they were going to give, I could o.k. it or not. She showed me after class on Sun (AJ had his own snack then) and I said it was fine for him to have that next week. He does really well about eating his snacks and no one elses and it's a small class w/ several teachers so I'm not worried. Of course w/ severe. especially ana allergies, I would show them how to use the epi pen (though I'm all of 30 secs from his class) and make sure all snacks were safe. Maybe even take it upon yourself to provide snacks for the whole class.
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