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What kind of pain? What started it? Is it localized or generalized?

If the pain is localized in your lower right quadrant (lower than your belly button and on your right side), and esp if your temp is elevated, go to the ER NOW. You could have appendicitis (assuming you still have your appendix!). there are lots of other things in your abdomen right now other than your uterus, though many doctors seem to forget that fact.

If the pain came on after a movement - getting out of bed, bending over to pick something up and standing quickly, or picking up one of your kids, for example - it could be round ligament pain. I've heard it gets worse each pregnancy, so even if you weren't particularly bothered by it with your previous 2, it could be really bad this time. Heat packs and moving slow might help with that.

Severe abdominal pain is nothing to ignore, even when not pregnant. An ER trip might be the best thing - by-pass the silly OBs who won't tend you properly.
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