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upper right quadrant pain is liver, lower can be round ligament or appen (not in your case obviously)

the military ladies are correct on the tricare front, itll cover emerg. and any pain that isnt relieved by reg dr IS an emergency by insurance standards
Im an emergency med tech with an er backround so Ive gotten familiar with insurance (all of it sucks btw)

That said, Im not affraid to pull "after my signifigant other got his ass shot off in Iraq you should be a BIT more concerned about his baby!" youd be surprised how guilt inspiring this can be but hes not active anymore, disabled vet and we arent married so I dont have tricare

ive dealt with the sub base for emergencies though and DP's VA dr's
I dont know how anyone doesnt strangle them for their substandard care.....but thats another story

I hope you get your pain resolved mama and some reassurance that all is well.
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