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Sewing Diapers

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I accept it sigh...I love my prefolds but my fitteds are so darn comfortable when we are out and about and for my husband to use. I want to make my own diapers to give me a little peace of mind entertainment, make me a tad more crafty( i get an F i craftiness but sicne ive come to this forum in Martha Stewart), teach me how to sew and save me some $$ on the long run. I have a cousin who can sew and will teach me we need a machine and we are getting a serger. We are going to the shop to see if we can get her machine fixed(an old industrial singer my grandmother used and gave to her mom who in turn gave it to her) but if we cant we will buy one. She knows how to embroider so we are really looking foward to making cute stuff for my son and FOR What I wanted to know is what diaper pattern should i buy? And do i need snaps? If so should i get a snap press?
So many questions....

I want something easy i can learn to make and that wont take forever to dry. I like quick dry diapers since elct here is so darn expensive we just cant afford to use the thick diapers. Also i HATE wing droop...Detest

We are thinking of making diapers, covers(pul and wool) and some AIOs....What a mission

Any suggestions are welcome...
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start at

it is a whole page devoted to sewing diapers.

i make poopockets -- a modified version, i think there's a thread (somewhere in this forum?) about the poopockets pattern. lots of good ideas there.

I also make the honeyboys pattern, but only for pocket diapers -- my dh and dcp love love love them.

For covers, I make the better baby diaper cover....very easy, but I just do the PUL and use foldover elastic.

I found Jess at to be helpful with sewing/pattern/etc. questions. She's pregnant and I think rather sick with the pregnancy, but give her a try with questions.

One more comment....I found the cuddlebuns pattern to be undecipherable and I consider myself to be a somewhat advanced sewer.
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There are some WAHM's that will put snaps on your diapers for you for a fee, I"m sure someone has a link to a list?
Side snaps or side aplix will eliminate the wing droop problem. And a fleece or wool shell with a lay in or snap in soaker would be easiest to make. Heck that was my first real sewing project and I think it turned out quite nicely
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Do i need a serger and a sewing machine or both? Im looking at some diapers and some of them are made with sewing machines while parts of them like the soaker are made with sergers so i have no clue if i should get both or
If you have to choose between a regular sewing machine and a serger, then definitely go with the regular machine...sergers are wonderful, but very specialized, and there are lots of things that they can't do or don't to sewing in elastic for example, which you'd need to do for diapers. Or sewing on binding, which I don't do but many others do. I made the bulk of my diapers using a regular sewing machine and turning and topstitching my diapers (I used the HoneyBoy pattern--made a few fleece AIO's but mostly fitteds)--which worked great. So you can definitely sew diapers without a serger.

That being said, I recently invested in a serger and it is wonderful, especially for sewing diapers and covers. It is so fast! And it is a royal pain to make doublers or quick-dry soakers without a serger, IMHO.

As for snaps vs. aplix, I also made my first "round" of diapers using only aplix..and while I disliked some things about aplix, the diapers have worked just fine for's really a matter of personal opinion. The snap press is a considerable investment but probably the best choice if you're going to do snaps. A snap service from a WAHM might be your best bet when you're starting out.

Oh, and I didn't say this before, but I found the HoneyBoy pattern to be really easy to use, and it includes directions for a quick-dry version (with an attached soaker, I think).

Happy diaper sewing!!
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I couldn't sew at all(well I could make baby blankets!)when I decided to sew diapers. I bought the Honey Boy Home pattern and asked Jess at a bunch of questions. She is really friendly.

The pattern was super easy. I have decided that I prefer quick dry diapers too so I make pocket fitteds with the pattern and stuff them with cpf's. They work great and dry fast.
Now I am knitting wool soakers to put over them.

Good luck and have fun!

Oh, I'd say get a regular machine as well.
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I have made the bulk of my diapers with a regular sewing machine (no serger) and with aplix or touchtape. However, I recently invested in a SnapSetter (costs abou $9.00) and I really like it. I feel that the snaps are set just as good as a snap press would do them. It takes a bit longer, perhaps, but not too long. You just put all the snap peices in with the fabric and hit it with a hammer. It's pretty easy and cheap. I like my aplix diapers, but I think snap diapers are a little nicer. You should be able to find the snap setter at some of the other links people have posted. Good luck!
It looks like you've gotten lots of good advice already! I wouldn't worry about getting a serger. I make my dipes using the zig-zag stitch on the edges of my dipes. MUCH quicker than turning & topstitching, but not quite as cute. Still, they look nice -- I've heard this particular technique called a "psuedo-serged edge." My (flannel) dipes usually ravel a lil bit the first time or two they're washed, but I just trim them up when they come out of the dryer that first wash or two, then they're fine. HTH!
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