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Sewing/Embroidery machine

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Let's pretend that $ isn't a big deal... what sewing & embroidery combo would you recommend? DH is really wanting to "trade up" the machine we have been having trouble with (Quantum Futura) towards something else.

Any FB?

Anyone have Singer Quantum XL-6000 ?

Any others? No brand preference...
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don't know myself. i want to subscribe if it ever gets answered. am getting really into crafts here lately and have an old brother sewer that doesnt' work that great PLUS i would really like to have a natural baby/mommy store either on or off line sometime when i have the ideas all together and I KNOW that i will need a good sewing machine PLUS having embroidary will make it look great!!

anyone out there?
While $$ wasn't a total issue it did drive what I looked at. I ended up getting the Brother Innovis 4000D. It is the top of the line brother. They had a "special edition" color of it (black) that wasn't selling well so they marked them down significanlty from the white ones so that helped. Also the Brothers can use any of the Disney designs and it is the same machine as the to of the line Baby Lock (Ellegante? I think?). I love it. It is one of the few models that you can sew normally even when the embroidery unit is on it (rather than taking that unit off and putting on the sewing unit). It also connected directly via USB to my computer.

Okay! If money were no object, I would buy the Husquvarna SE. I have tried it and I am in Love. I am about to sell everything that is not bolted to my house so I can buy it.

Or I have heard good things about the High end BabyLock. I do not remeber the name. I did see it but I never took it for a test drive.

Good Luck!
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If money were no object, I would upgrade to the Viking Designer 2. If money were at least a *little* bit important
...I'd stick with the machine I have. I have a Viking Rose, and I really do love it, it sews "regular" stuff so perfectly it's insane, and the embroidery is really pretty.
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My mom has the Baby Loc Ellegante. It's an awesome machine. Very easy to use. Of course, it cost the same as my first car, so I'm glad that she's the one the bought it.
I love my older model Bernina, which doesn't embroider. But whenever I go to the Bernina store, all the other customers hanging out with their machines rave about the emb ability. Have you checked out the reviews on
My latest sewing machine was a Janome 9700 combination. I looked @ the Viking Platinum plus and the Scandinavia 400. And for the $ I paid for the Janome, it was well worth the cost. I feel like a got LOTS of machine for the price I paid. And it's a machine I won't outgrow anytime soon.

There is a model above the 9700, the 11000 runs about $6000 or so.

My advice to you is to TEST DRIVE as many machines that you possibly can.

Good luck to you!

I just bought a PE 700 it's suppose to be coming out all over this month.
It runs $899 - 1399.00. 5x7 hoop area by Brother, takes cards and has 100's internal. to check it out. I haven't seen it anywhere but from where I bought it online and the brother website.

If you email me I can give you the number and address where I bought mine. I bought mine for $899 that included shipping... I got it within 3 days!

No sewing, but honestly you can have it embroider while you sew on another machine. Most designs take up to 40 mins.. and why tie the machine up with JUST embroidery when you can have a second sewing machine and serger to do other things while you wait to change the thread etc.

I have an ERGO3 by Kenmore made by Janome that does a 4 x 4 embroidery and sews.. and I had YET so sew on it EVER because it's usually tied up embroidering!

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