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Sewing Machines

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This is probably a really stupid question, but I have no idea.

I want to get a sewing machine, and I would like to start making some of the girls diapers at home.

What are good brands, how much $$ should I be budgeting, and is there anything else I'll need? (Besides the diaper materials that is....) And what's a serger?
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Bernina, Viking, Pfaff, Elna are all good high-end sewing machines. There are tons of other good brands too. I also know people who have Brother sewing machines that they like and that is a cheaper name brand. The only ones to stay away from are Singers...which is ironic b/c it is the most well known name brand! As far as price, I got a bernina on ebay for 375 including shipping, but I would think you could find a good entry level machine for around 200. A serger is a special sewing machine that has a blade to cut the edge of the fabric as it sews over the edge (look at the inside of any t-shirt you have...that is a serged- also called an "overlocked"- edge.) A serger makes making clean finished edges much easier but it can't be used for regular sewing in a straight line or zigzag. And different brands are better for sergers too...I have heard the name Janome a lot and am doing research right now b/c I would like to purchase one soon. Hope all of this helps...sorry if i am rambling on...i am really tired!
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I also forgot to mention that JoAnn fabric stores have a trade-up policy. If you buy a new machine from them, you can always trade it in later for the full value to put towards a higher-end machine if you decide you need a machine that does more fancy stuff. Pretty cool thing if you think you may really get into sewing...
I have a Bernina- love it. But even their bottom of the line basic machines aren't cheap. If you just want it for home use, I would recommend the ones you would find at Joanns or Brother, etc. Just make sure it sews nicely over thick materials for diapers. You can check Ebay for machines, but always watch the shipping costs- it can make it more expensive to buy from there! Good luck!
i would say go with a used big name [bernina, janome, etc.] instead of doing the walmart/joanns route

the one exception would be there's a machine at sears that sewists have said is suitable... it wasnt the lowest end one, it was a step up from that with about 12 stitches or so in it

some sewing shops have a trade up policy so ask around
Just putting in another vote for Bernina, Janome, or Brother - you shouldn't have any regrets about those manufacturers.
So if I want to serge though, I have to get a separate machine?
Unfortunately, yes you do have to have a separate machine. Talk about expensive! :LOL
You can get an overlock presser foot for your sewing machine, but it still doesn't make the same kind of stich as a serge.
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