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Hi all,

This is my first pregnancy and it has been relatively easy. I have no medical issues, all my tests have been excellent and I have only gained 6 pounds so far (I will be 30 weeks this coming Friday.)

All throughout the pregnancy I have been enjoying sex (except for month 1 and 2 when I was dead tired all the time.) It really helps relax me but last night when me and hubby had sex I bled! After intercourse was over, I spotted for 15 minutes and then it stopped. I had no pains however and baby was still kicking like crazy but my poor hubby almost had a heart attack! Now he says no more sex for the rest of the pregnancy...

I called my midwife right after and the next morning to check in. I was having no pains or anything and she said to take it easy and give my cervix a rest for awhile. My midwife said this might happen more in the 3rd trimester because their is increased blood flow to the cervix and vagina at this stage in pregnancy. I have no problems with that, the scare it gave me and hubby will last for another few days but no more sex until February?? I know I probably sound kinda selfish but having sex always made me so relaxed and happy...

I just wanted to share my scare with you other mother's and see if this has happened with anyone else. Thanks for listening.
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