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Sex of the Baby??

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I was at my midwife's house today, and she had a nice lending library. I picked up a book about choosing the sex of your baby. It said if you bd close to or on the day of ovulating, you have a greater chance of having a boy. But if you bd a couple days before, you have a great chance of having a girl.

Well, I hope its wrong!

We bd'ed the day before, the day of and the day after...any chance we still might get a girl?!?

(I don't have a preference for myself, but dd would LOVE a baby sister!)
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I think you still have a good chance of having a girl. What you described sounds like the Shettles method, which I believe is based on the fact that male sperm swim faster but don't live as long as the girl sperm. So if you bd close to O, I think the theory is that the Y-chromosome spermies have a better chance of winning the race and you get a boy. If you bd a few days before O, the boy sperm are already dead by the time the slow but hearty girlies get there and catch the egg.

But there are millions of sperm in there and I think many factors influence which one "wins" the race. We also bd'ed near O (I think on the actual day) so I'll be curious to see if this is a boy!
Oh, thank you! We'll
: our dd gets a baby sister!
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