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My husband, baby and I are planning to move to SF in May so that I can begin my MA in the fall of 2004. I am trying to get a huge jump-start on things to cut down on some of the anxiety I am already feeling. I have mixed feelings because on one hand I am so very excited to move to my favorite city, SF, and begin graduate school finally, but on the other hand I am so nervous and sad about no longer being a SAHM (exclusively) to my little boy come next fall. I don't know what it feels like to be away from him, and the very thought of it is already breaking my heart. I am very studious, so this is a major issue for me.

So, as I said, to cut down on some of my nerves, I am trying to find out as much helpful information as possible. We visited the school and area in July and loved it, but there are a lot of things I don't know and didn't have time to check out. So needless to say, I have some questions. I'm getting a lot of answers just from browsing the boards, but I mainly want to hear from you student mamas to get insight into how you do it.

When do you study? Are you able to study as much as you'd like to? How do you balance your time?

Where do student families live? Is there affordable, i.e. inexpensive, housing in SF, particularly near SFSU? This is a big one for us.

Do you use school childcare?

Any info is helpful. I just want to hear some of your stories to help me get ideas.

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