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hello out there...

i'm in the process of a divorce. something i thought i'd never experience. sigh. with that, i'm currently looking for a NEW person to share a flat with... rent, utilities, home responsibilities. i am not looking for a caregiver OR a babysiter -- just a good roommate. if any of you out there know of anyone who fits the below, please pass this message on to them. thank you all for your time & reading. peaceful living, darla............

Newly-Single Female, w/ 2.9 yo daughter AND two 11 yo. tabby cats...
seeking to share a 2 bedroom flat, with front room & dinning room, full kitchen,
washer/dryer in house, back yard & deck, garage, shared parking in driveway/garage with upstairs tenant, and close to pan-handle, 21 & 5 muni lines and Albertsons. $1,850 full rent; $850 your portion.

I am a 35 yo. women, who works full-time as the merchandise manager for "Sports Basement". i enjoy running, bicycling, reading, music, and enjoying the outdoors with my daughter -- as well as just being mellow at home.

Looking for someone with similar life style AND who is financially/emotionally stable & responsible -- no passive/aggressive non-communicative types, please. No smoking or drug problems. Prefer a fellow vegetarian and a person who is environmentally conscious. What i'm NOT looking for is a babysitter or caregiver... just someone to share a flat with, and that would be understanding/not mind living with a child.

please send e-mails of interest to: [email protected]
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