From natural and organic rattles and teethers to fun stackers and cars - this category is full of gifts perfect for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Don't miss the other categories in this year's guide or our big toy giveaway! Find them both here.

<!-- Silk and Wood Teether -->

Image of: Silk and Wood Teether

Silk and Wood Teether

What a great combination of materials, this wood and silk teething ring is safe and beautifully designed. A lovely gift for any little one.

<!-- Mobile Crane Truck -->

Image of: Mobile Crane Truck

Mobile Crane Truck

This gorgeous crane is huge and so well made it sure to provide many years of creative fun. Kids will delight in being able to actually pick up and deliver objects during play! Made in Germany of beechwood.

<!-- Rubberband Racer -->

Image of: Rubberband Racer

Rubberband Racer

Solidly made in the US of birch and maple, this simple yet exciting racer will give tots a taste for speed while teaching them a bit about physics. A great price for such a fun and well made toy.

<!-- Street Roller -->

Image of: Street Roller

Street Roller

This gorgeous wooden street roller is truly a one of a kind construction toy. Made by skilled craftsman out of maple and beechwood it is sturdy and ready for play.

<!-- Felt Airplane Mobile -->

Image of: Felt Airplane Mobile

Felt Airplane Mobile

This magical mobile is made from 100% merino wool felt right here in the USA. Each mobile is made by hand with care to ensure that your little one has a truly special gift this holiday season. Several varieties available.

<!-- Pine Train and Tender -->

Image of: Pine Train and Tender

Pine Train and Tender

This tiny train and tender are made of sustainable pine in Minnesota and are sure to add an extra spark of excitement to any floor play. A perfect stocking stuffer or reasonably priced gift for toddlers and older children.

<!-- Animals on Wheels -->

Image of: Animals on Wheels

Animals on Wheels

Green Toys has long been a favorite of ours. Their toys are made from recycled milk jugs in the USA, are reasonably priced, and are high quality items. These new animals on wheels are a sweet little addition to their line-- check out the different styles on their site.

<!-- Train Set -->

Image of: Train Set

Train Set

Another new addition to the Green Toys line, this train set comes in two color options and is sized right for small hands. Sturdy and offered at a great price, you'll love gifting this 100% recycled toy.

<!-- Hopstic Chinese Jump Rope -->

Image of: Hopstic Chinese Jump Rope

Hopstic Chinese Jump Rope

This little stocking stuffer puts a whole new spin on the game of jump rope. The rope actually wraps around the body of each child on the end to provide a unique jumping experience for the child in the middle. Requires three kids to play. Made in the US.

<!-- Colored Mites, Set of Six -->

Image of: Colored Mites, Set of Six

Colored Mites, Set of Six

These are the cutest little cars we've seen in a long time. Classic style and just the perfect size for tunnels, bridges and block towns. They are made by hand right here in the US and the price is perfect.

<!-- Keep 'Em Rolling Bridges and Tunnels -->

Image of: Keep 'Em Rolling Bridges and Tunnels

Keep 'Em Rolling Bridges and Tunnels

This one of a kind pair of tunnels go together to create an imaginative bridge. Super sturdy wood construction and great size, they are perfect for cars and trucks of many styles.

<!-- Keep 'Em Rolling Bridges and Tunnels Set -->

Image of: Keep 'Em Rolling Bridges and Tunnels Set

Keep 'Em Rolling Bridges and Tunnels Set

Looking for a great transportation set? This pairing of Elves and Angels Colored Mites with their Keep 'Em Rolling Bridges and Tunnels is the perfect combo for tons of imaginative fun at many ages.

<!-- Plush Hammer Rattles -->

Image of: Plush Hammer Rattles

Plush Hammer Rattles

This plush hammer rattle from Little DeMoura Designs is a cuddly and colorful addition to a little one's imaginative playtime. Handmade by mom, Gina, in her home studio, each toy is crafted with care and is one of a kind.

<!-- Classic Teething Buddy -->

Image of: Classic Teething Buddy

Classic Teething Buddy

Stylish and versatile, the Classic Teething Buddy has everything needed in a teether. The natural hardwood maple ring is finished with a beeswax/organic jojoba oil polish and the 100% cotton teething cloth can be removed for easy washing. This teether from Little DeMoura Designs is handmade in the USA and available in a variety of prints.

<!-- Natural Wood Baby Rattle -->

Image of: Natural Wood Baby Rattle

Natural Wood Baby Rattle

Simple, beautiful and natural, it's the perfect wooden rattle at the perfect price. Comes in two designs and made in Idaho.

<!-- Wood Toy Trucks with Mountains -->

Image of: Wood Toy Trucks with Mountains

Wood Toy Trucks with Mountains

Made in the US of natural wood and oils, this cute little truck and mountain set is simple and fun for any preschooler. Personalize them for an extra special touch. A tree is planted for every toy sold.

<!-- Wooden Slingshot with Wool Felt Balls -->

Image of: Wooden Slingshot with Wool Felt Balls

Wooden Slingshot with Wool Felt Balls

A classic toy with a safe twist. This wooden slingshot is just the right size for kids three and up and comes with a canvas bag to contain the many colorful wool felt balls. Made in the USA.

<!-- Hardwood Rattle and Teether -->

Image of: Hardwood Rattle and Teether

Hardwood Rattle and Teether

This teether rattle is as simple as it gets, but that's what makes it so special. This toy is made in Oregon of remnant wood, meaning no living trees are ever cut down for production. It's eco through and through. Perfect!

<!-- Eliephant Rattle & Teether -->

Image of: Eliephant Rattle & Teether

Eliephant Rattle & Teether

Looking for a rattle/teether with some style? Then you'll love this little elephant. Finished with jojoba oil and beeswax, this little guy is handmade in Washington. Great price too.

<!-- Wiggle Worm Pull Toy -->

Image of: Wiggle Worm Pull Toy

Wiggle Worm Pull Toy

What an adorable wiggle worm. Made in the US of natural wood, little ones can pull this guy all around the floor and watch him move. A unique and attractive gift at a good price.