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Situations like that can be unnerving. It's one thing to walk into a house knowing you need your game face on. It's totally another to feel like you are in a safe environment, only to realize you've wandered into hostile territory. I am sorry you ended up feeling rattled. I am also sorry that the hostess of the party didn't have better manners. She could have easily made both yourself and her other guests feel at ease, JUST by demonstrating how accepting she was of your nursing.

I do think for future reference when you hear someone disparagingly commenting about 'those NIP moms.' Your best recourse is to act suprised and say something like, "Seriously? That makes you nervouse? I think it's refreshing and completely liberating!"

Turn it back on them. Make THEM feel defensive about their stance. I think most folks who make such broad assumptions so loudly really aren't ready for someone to take them to task for what they have said. You probably would have stunned her into silence.
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