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Shampoo bars and body products RAVE

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I tried OCM and no-poo. I did... really. Neither worked for me. I have very sensitive skin and dandruff. My skin is even dry by the crack of my nose and by my eyebrows... The OCM left my skin very oily. The below face wash is basically OCM but the foam makes it soooo nice and the smell... drool, just a little bit goes a long way.

I decided to try a few shampoo bars, by far, my favorite (I just placed a second HUGE order) is J.R. Liggett

For my first order I got 1 tea tree shampoo bar, 1 bottle of foaming face wash in Hemp and 1 bottle of body oil essentials.

This stuff is AMAZING.
The foaming face wash is drool worthy and consists of:
saponified olive oil, coconut oil,and castor oil with safflower oil, almond oil, hemp or jojoba oil and vit. E - No Detergents

The body oil consists of:
Almond Oil, JoJoba Oil, Vit. E, Grapeseed Oil, Avocado Oil, AloeVera, and Natural Fragrance

The tea tree shampoo bar consists of:
Tea Tree Oil, Hemp oil, Almond oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Castor oil, fresh spring water, sodium hydroxie (a binder) and no fragrance added.

If no poo and OCM aren't working for you, there is an alternative and this stuff is GREAT. I like it much better than ChagrinValley (even thought their stuff was nice).

Somone was asking about an alternative to the body shoppe??? Well, you can't get any more pampered, I even just ordered their body salts
. I feel like I just stepped out of a spa (I just steamed my face, put on a clay mask, then washed with my new Liggett's products
while my skin was still moist I put on the body oils, so dreamy)
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: I 2nd and 3rd that!! JR Liggett's stuff is amazing and better than Chagrin shampoo also (I love Chagrin's ingredients and the smell yummy---but just don't work as well as Liggett's) I order JR Liggett's shampoo bars by the 1/2 dozen because I NEVER want to be out of them and I give so many away because i LOVE them!!
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Anybody know the ph of the facial cleanser?

What do you mean by ph? What it says from the bottle (hemp one)

Mild, gentle Cleansing
100% Non-Detergent
Contains: saponigied olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil with safflower oil, almond oil, hemp oil & vitamine E essential oils & natural fragrance.

you can email if you have a specific question [email protected]

I ordered a 16oz refill of this hemp face wash. I just want to keep smelling it and it leaves my face so soft becasue it's all oils, but, it doesn't leave it greasy feeling. mmmmm.....
I understand about the shampoo bar, but what do you do about
: conditioner?
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We don't need conditioner anymore!!!
A vinegar rinse (1 tbsp per cup h2o) every other day keeps our hair clarified and smooth. The true test is my DD who has long, fine, blond hair and the shampoo bar without conditioner works BETTER for her than the shamp/cond duo. Pretty amazing---ya just have to try it!
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Considering the ingredient is 'saponified olive oil' that usually means there is some sort of alkali in it to form a soap-like action. Soap/alkalis are alkaline, or basic in nature (pH 8.0 and above). Bases help clean, sometimes produces foam, and help carry away oils and dirt. Considering that there is olive oil, jojoba oils and other non-comedogenic oils - it should not be too harsh on your face.

So even though the bottle says there are no detergents, the saponified olive oil and coconut oils may work like much like soap does. Soap and detergents are two different things. Soaps are harder to clean from your bathtub, but typically are gentler on your skin (unless it's made improperly); detergents are cheaper to make, rinse away from your skin and bathtub easily, but may or may not be harsher to your hair and skin.
I too love JR Liggetts! I have the hemp and tto. No scent really. I was so amazed that I didn't need conditioner with it. My hair is SO soft. I have got to order some more of it.
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