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Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash recommendations

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So, I am almost out of my shampoo, conditioner and body wash. And I need to replace them.

Currently, I am using the Aveda Purefume line. I had liters of this so I am using them up. My hair responds well to it (and so does my skin - I have sensitive skin) so I need really gentle products. I live Aveda, but I am concerned with all the chemicals in it.

Some info on my hair. I have it chemically straightened using thermal reconditioning. I know, I don't want chemicals in my shampoo but I will go through a 6 hour treatment to make my hair straight.
However, I hate my curls (probably because I have never found stuff that makes it work well, did no poo and everything) and all I was doing was pulling it up. It was a ton of work and I was over it after having a baby. Eventually, I will go back to the curls. Just not right now....

I have hard water. I have to use Calgon water softener with my cloth diapers.

And then I need recommendations for body wash. I have a huge thing of Dr. Bronners baby castille soap that I was thinking of using. I have really dry skin due to my thryoid and the low humidity in my part of the world. I hate using lotion, so I would like to have something that is decent and moisturizing by itself.

I have started using the oil cleansing method on my face and LOVE IT! I follow up with a Dr. Haburska (something like that) oil and my face is so soft and smooth and the redness seems to be toned down a bit. Thought I would point that out in case that helps with the recommendations.

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I have dry curly hair and very hard water. I use California Baby (shampoo/conditioner/body wash). I have very sensitive dry skin and this is the only thing that works for my skin and hair. I don't have to use lotion.
i really like the head-to-toe honey wash by oyin. you can use it for hair and body, which is nice.

IDK anything about thermal reconditioning, but i used to have my hair relaxed/chemically straightened and just stopped about a year and a half ago. it's a TON of work b/c i am growing it out and so it's 1/2 curly and 1/2 straight when wet.
but i am working at it and continue to cut off a little more of the relaxed hair every 6 weeks or so. i alternate b/w the oyin and conventional shampoo, but plan to switch over completely once my hair's completely grown out (or i just get tired of waiting and chop off the straight ends!).
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Nature's Gate Jojoba Shampoo/Conditioner.

It's on sale at Whole Foods right now
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