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Shannon--you got puppies yet?

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Update! Isn't she due any day now?
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Oooh, babies! Can I ask for a bit of background info, like breed? I have found that baby fever can be temporarily treated with puppies
Or sometimes it just escalates into baby/puppy combo fever!!
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Hehe, yeah, born 2 days ago, 4 pups, 3 boys, 1 girl (perfect...working bitches are HARD to sell)
They're german shepherds, working lines, this is a czech/east german combo (and was accidental....and my fault) The bitch is older than we'd have liked but she did fine and had a small litter, so all is well.
i'm glad everythings going well. hope you post some pics too.
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OMG, congratulations! I had no idea! And here I was saying on that other thread that you aren't currently breeding.
I can't wait for the pics. Was this from Havoc?
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No, this was from Havoc's son Warf. Havoc has been neutered for a while now.
Aww...congratulations! Will we see pics? I bet they're fat little cuties
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I haven't actually seen the lil buggers yet, they're at Sheena's.
2 solid blacks, 1 red sable and one black sable
ooooo can't wait for poics
I wuv puppies!!!
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