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Originally Posted by StephandOwen View Post
I got the better end of the deal, and he's sleeping on my lap right now

Stephs quote reminded me of a poem I wrote once. I believe I wrote this in the Summer of 2004. Right
after dd's Dad decided to cut off communication.

If anybody else has written a poem about your ex or child, or being a single parent, lets share. (Lets not
reprint others poems without their permission too.) I know there are other writing Mama's here, come
on share.

The Best Part-by Mattie's Mom.

I loved you, will love you, always will I hold you,
threw your lies, I despised, but I could have told you,

that you just couldn't fill me up.

I let you try, while you cried, it made me die,
but always saw threw your eyes, and I could have told you,
I never would give up.

Till that day, you gave her away, thought I should stay,
that was when you went too far, but I could have told you,
she is better than you are.

She'll never miss, what you could have kissed, cause I
I will hold her.
I will miss her.
I will tell her
that mama wants her.

I see better
and I see clearer
than when you were nearer
and won't again.

For God knew I loved you, but couldn't have the true you,
cause you don't know how to, I doubt you'll learn to,
so he gave me the best parts, all wrapped into her parts.

As I hold her, I will hold you, but won't forgive you
for what you gave up, for nothing but your own selfish heart.

Cause I have the best part.

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Hi all of you writing mamas
I'm glad to see you're here

I just wanted to remind you that there is a wonderful writers forum here on MDC. I won't move this thread since it was inspired by Steph's post, but come on over, let's share our writing
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