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Share the funny things they say

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Ds has been on a roll's one, share your own!

Dh and I went out to the movies, when we got home he took the dog out to potty. Ds comes running in the room where I'm sitting with my dad with his socks and shoes in his hands, wearing his cape. I ask where he's going and he replies, "outside, with Superman's dad".

So little Superman goes outside by Superman's dad and says, "hey daddy, I can see through that garbage can." Dh says, "oh really, what's in it?" Superman replies, "garbage".
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had to share this one....4.5 yo dd sees me in a thong underwear and says...mommy, you have a wedgie! it was so cute.
DH, DD, and I went to the store to get a few things. DH goes off to find his stuff and I head off to the cleaning aisle. I had to buy toilet bowl cleaner and DD asked what it was. I told her it was for cleaning the toilet and she responded "Why because Poppa sits on the pot and poops all day?"
:LOL Of course there were people standing right that that started could they not
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