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Share your bedwetting and bedsharing stories

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Just wondering...anyone else waking up in a puddle of pee?

My 3 1/2 year old has had 2 accidents in 2 weeks after months and months of commando sleeping and NO accidents!!
One was my fault for not having her pee before bed. Although I am considering that these two things might be related to two situations when she got spoken to at daycare for not having nice touches and words for her friends (very unusual behaviour for her). It really upset her (although not sure because she felt bad or because she got caught).

I've been contemplating when to move my DD to her own bed but not because of a wet bed (it never occured to me). She has no interest in sleeping alone in her room (which does exist) so I'm moving her bed into my room this weekend so we can share a bedroom and I can turn a non-functional bedroom into a functional office and playroom (woo hoo!!)

I guess I am just looking for other stories about bedwetting and bedsharing. I do have mattress pad - and we JUST got a brand new $1500 mattress after sleeping on a wickedly uncomfortable 15 YO mattress.
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